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NEW!! Jewelry for the Classicist"!
  • CLASSICALLY THEMED CHARMS for $7 each to be added to any piece of jewelry or to be bought alone

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  • Classically Inspired Necklaces
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    One of a Kind Creations that Tell Their Myth

    Whether a beaded necklace, a necklace with a pendant, a mixed media or a chain, each isa one of a kind, unique creation that will not be made again. A special card denoting the goddess and her myth that inspired the creation accompanies each.
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    Autumn Ceres J633 10.00  Add to Basket
    As Ceres takes her last tour of the upperworld, the leaves are turning brown as are all the plants and vegetation. Brown leaf beads and amber colored beads represent this sad time in Ceres' life
    Classic Juno J18 10.00  Add to Basket
    Different sized and mixed colored pearls form a strand of the classic pearl type necklace.
    Clytie's Necklace J162 10.00  Add to Basket
    After being abandoned by Helios, Clytie sat naked with no sustenance staring at the sun and mourning her beloved's departure. After nine days, she was transformed into a turnsole or heliotrope and sometimes misidentified with a sunflower, always looking at Helios' chariot of the sun.
    Fiery Venus J102 10.00  Add to Basket
    Fiery red beads with silver accents spaced by shiny red and silver beads is meant for Venus when she is out looking for love.
    Flora's Orange Flowers J81 10.00  Add to Basket
    Flora looks beautiful in this orange and white necklace, the color of many of her flowers. Ma
    Hecate Out and About J29 10.00  Add to Basket
    Black, gray, and silver beads form the necklace that Hecate wears on her everyday outings.
    Selene's Full Moon J501 10.00  Add to Basket
    Gray, shiny full moon shaped beads are interspersed with smaller gray beads and black speckled ones. Matching earrings
    Wintery Proserpina J28 10.00  Add to Basket
    Black beads with mauve and purple markings denote Proserpina who is unhappy in the underworld with Pluto.
    Everyday Venus J26 12.00  Add to Basket
    Large red oval beads with silver and smaller red beads form this necklace for Venus to wear in her everyday affairs. 24" necklace
    Royal Juno J16 12.00  Add to Basket
    Juno is every inch the queen when wearing this 17" necklace of royal burgundy beads with silvertone spacers and bead caps.
    Venus, Pretty in Pink J23 12.00  Add to Basket
    A pretty necklace for the lovely Venus. Pink beads with gold spacer beads with a lobster claw clasp in gold tone form this 22' necklace
    Vesta at Dawn J634 12.00  Add to Basket
    The brown and white beads represent Vesta tending the fire at dawn. Bronze tone connectors and beads make this a beautiful necklace.
    Ceres Outdoors J42 15.00  Add to Basket
    This long strand of white beads with blue and gold accents suits Ceres as she goes about her daily tasks on earth. 36" necklace
    Diana the Huntress J43 15.00  Add to Basket
    This unique amber beaded necklace is Diana's favorite to wear when out hunting in the woods.
    Everyday Juno J20 15.00  Add to Basket
    34" long strand of white beads with pink and gold beads periodically interspersed. The everyday Juno looks elegant in this long strand of beads.
    Glamorous Venus J30 15.00  Add to Basket
    Pearl colored beads interlaced with gold spacers make a glamorous statement on Venus' neck. 30" necklace
    Proserpina and the Pomegranates J222 15.00  Add to Basket
    Blood red beads, representing pomegranate seeds, are between small black hematite beads and larger black beads, both representing the underworld. A black teardrop pendant is at the center of the necklace. Earrings included.
    Proserpina's Tears J635 15.00  Add to Basket
    The black and gold beads on this necklace represent the queen of the Underworld, Proserpina while the dangling black beads represent her tears when she mustreturn to the underword. Bracelet included
    Striking Hecate J31 15.00  Add to Basket
    Black and clear beads with silver toned spacer beads form this striking necklace for Hecate.
    Superb Proserpina J37 15.00  Add to Basket
    This necklace of black and red beads is superb for Proserpina in her everyday life and represents her yearly journey between the blackness of the underworld and the blooming red of the upper world.
    The Underworld Proserpina J36 15.00  Add to Basket
    This black and silver beaded necklace with its triangular hanging pendant is perfect for Proserpina as she resides in the underworld.
    Venus' Heart J106 15.00  Add to Basket
    A wire wrapped red heart forms the center of this necklace on a black leather cord. Large clear beads and silver balls are also on the cord. Matching earrings.
    Amphitrite of the Teal Waters J58 20.00  Add to Basket
    2 strands of large and medium sized teal beads interspersed by teal seed beads are connected by a beautiful silvertone rhinestone connector suitable for Neptune's queen.
    Beautiful Juno J22 20.00  Add to Basket
    Juno is ready to step out as the rouyal queen wearing this three strand necklace. The 30" strand and the 20" strand are formed of black shining beads while the middle strand of 26" features black and silver beads
    Silvery Oceanids J130 20.00  Add to Basket
    The silvery Oceanids slip silently among the blue waters as envisioned on this necklace of blue beads with silver spacers and silvery bead caps.
    The Contest for Athens J552 20.00  Add to Basket
    A trident charm adorns this blue necklace which is reminiscent of the spring water that Neptune offerred Athens in the contest with Minerva.
    Trojan Horse J160 20.00  Add to Basket
    A Trojan Horse pendant with a helmet and spear charms representing the Greek soldiers hiding inside the horse hangs from a necklace of gray and silver beads, representing the cover of night that the Greeks used to sneak the wooden horse, protected by Minerva, into Troy. Earrings included.
    Mauve Juno J19 25.00  Add to Basket
    Mauve beads with golden stripes alternate with gold spacers. Matching earrings
    Amphitrite in the Deep J38 35.00  View  Add to Basket
    Two strand blue necklace suits Amphitrite as she stays in the deep waters. The longest strand of blue beads, is 26". The shortest strand is beautiful with its six blue and white bella beads. Matching earrings.
    Diana In Her Glory J101 35.00  View  Add to Basket
    This two strand necklace, built of brown beads and copper-colored shiny spacers on goldtone chain suits Diana in her glory as a huntress. Matching earrings accompany the necklace. Matching bracelet.
    Elegant Juno J17 35.00  Add to Basket
    Purple beads showcasing various patterns interspersed with gold beads form an elegant necklace for Juno. 27" necklace. Juno is from the ruling family of gods and thus often wears purple, the color of royalty.
    Friendly Nereids J104 35.00  Add to Basket
    This double strand of blue and silver beads and of blue and silver on a silvertone chain represents the friendly Nereids, the nymphs of the blue sea who were known to be friendly to and to help saildors.
    Proserpina Renewed J79 35.00  Add to Basket
    This necklace of mostly black beads represent Proserpina in the dark underworld, the time of the year when the crops do not grow. The amber highlights on the pendant represent the coming of Spring and of the crops, which is Proserpina's renewal as a deity of the earth once more.
    Sensational Hecate J24 35.00  Add to Basket
    Black lava beads represent the volcanic regions of southern Italy near the entrance to the underworld, a place where Hecate likes to roam. Silver mesh beads are interspersed between the lava beads to form this sensational necklace for Hecate. 20" long necklace
    Underworld Hecate J120 35.00  Add to Basket
    This silvertone tiny link chain features 6 stunningly unusual black beads and is the necklace of choice when Hecate is performing her witchcraft in the underworld.
    Wise Minerva J60 35.00  Add to Basket
    Amber beads connected by wooden seed beads form this necklace from which a silvertone and goldtone owl pendant hangs. Minerva, like the owl, is known for her wisdom.
    Wonderful Flora J40 35.00  Add to Basket
    Black beads interspersed with clear beads that show a flower inside match Flora's role.

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