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Imported Beads
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These necklaces are made of different tyes of specialty beads--cloisonne beads and Indonesian beads in particular--hanging from beautiful necklaces or chains.

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Ceres on Earth J144 14.00  Add to Basket
On a twenty inch silver box chain is one oversize green Indonesian bead and two green and black beads. The beads reind us of Ceres time on earth when the crops were growing.
Hebe's Pink Necklace J143 14.00  Add to Basket
Juno's daughter Hebe was cupbearer to the gods and while on duty she was often seen wearing this 18 inch chain with one oversize pink Indonesian bead surrounded by two sparkly silver beads and two grooved beads.
Helen Looking at the Sea J142 14.00  ViewLarge View  Add to Basket
Featured on a 22 inch silver chain is one blue oversized Indonesian bead and two matching Pandora type beads. The blue color of this necklace is reminiscent of the sea around Troy where Helen was living with Paris.
Roses for Venus J128 16.00  ViewLarge View  Add to Basket
Two large tubular cloisonne beads surrounded by other unique beads form the center of this necklace. The rest of the necklace is formed from pink and green tiny rectangular beads. Most of the beads feature a depiction of roses.
Underworld Hecate J120 16.00  Add to Basket
This silvertone tiny link chain features 6 stunningly unusual black beads and is the necklace of choice when Hecate is performing her witchcraft in the underworld.
Atalanta and the Apples J282 17.00  ViewLarge View  Add to Basket
Green and pink cloisonne beads form the center of this necklace on which the three apples such as the ones Atlanta chased after in the race hang. At the back of the necklace is a lion charm since Atalanta and Hipppomenes were later transformed into these animals. Earrings included.
At Thetis' Wedding J188 18.00  Add to Basket
Royal blue cloisonne beads form the center of this necklace dedicated to Thetis on the day of her wedding.
Eurydice's Descent J547 18.00  ViewLarge View  Add to Basket
Black cloisonne beads featuring pink flowers are at the center of a pink and black necklace that represents Eurydice and her descent to the underworld.

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