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Easy Latin for Children
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The books featured here are designed for elementary school children who are learning or being introduced to Latin.

Code No. Price ($)  Tax (%) 
Tres Ursi LR2 4.00  Add to Basket
Simple Latin, cartoon drawings.
Tres Mures Caeci LR92 11.99  Add to Basket
In this classic tale, now in classical Latin, the angry framer's wife decides that her 3 harmless houseguests have overstayed ther welcome. Charming illustrations fill this volume.
Learning Latin Thru Mythology LR6 17.00  Add to Basket
Cartoon renderings of the Classical Myths are accompanied by easy Latin text to read.
Tres Porculi LR89 18.00  Add to Basket
Rose Williams' newest book contains the tale of the Three Little Pigs in Latin along with exercises, oral conversations, and more. All reproducible.
Mitella Rubra and Co. LR112 19.00  Add to Basket
These parodies of fairy tales written in Latin verse are for intermediate Latin students. Grammar exercises fill the back of the book while the front contains the tales and illustrations, all by Franz Schlosser
The Gruffalo ( Latin Edition ) LR41 23.00  Add to Basket
The Latin is not too difficult and the story and pictures are great.

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